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Rachel Hunt

Rachel and Luke Hunt (pictured right) are passionate about the Arts and their community.  Together, they own and manage Dance Across Cleburne located at 1108 N Anglin St (inside the Kaufman Leadership Academy).  Rachel has 20 years of experience as a dance instructor and has won numerous awards and competitions across the United States.

Early Life

Rachel Hunt has been dancing all her life.  Like a lot of little girls, Rachel studied ballet, jazz & tap off and on at several studios in the Fort Worth area.

When she was 13, she auditioned for the performing company at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festive in Waxahachie, and was cast as a member of the English Country Dance Troup – a position she held for 5 seasons.

As a teenager, she attended the Creative Arts Theatre School (CATS) in Arlington, studying dance and theatre and appearing in regular pubic performances.

Meanwhile, Rachel was also accepted into the Professional Youth Conservatory (a private performing arts high school in Fort Worth) where she studied singing, theatre and dance.

By the age of 17, Rachel was dancing in 2 amateur dance companies, assisting her ballet teacher, and leading Scarborough’s Country Dance Troup as a Master Performer.

To California

After high school she moved to California where she continued with both amateur and professional theatre, and even a little radio work.

While in California, she met her husband Luke.  A Cal State San Bernardino Theatre graduate, Luke was involved in local radio, theatre and film, so it’s not surprising that Rachel and Luke should meet through mutual friends.

Together, Rachel and Luke continued to pursue music, theatre, film and television work and started a mobile DJ company as they struggled to support their young family.

Discovering Partner Dance

After the second child was born, Luke gave a wonderful gift to his wife – he took her to a Swing dancing class -- and she was hooked.  Rachel determined right away to pursue teaching partner dancing as a career.

She entered a training program at a local Ballroom studio in San Bernardino and was fortunate enough to have some very good coaches including (occasionally) Ron Montez.  She worked hard to improve her dancing, eventually passing her ISTD Silver level teacher’s exam.


In 2001, Luke, Rachel and family moved back to Rachel’s native land.  Once in Texas, Luke went to work as a DJ, and Rachel found a wonderful Ballroom Studio in Fort Worth where she could teach and continue to improve.  Eventually, Rachel began participating in Regional and Dancesport competitions dancing with students and with her professional partner.  In 2005, Rachel and her partner took second place in the Professional American Rhythm Category at the Southwestern Invitational and Fifth place at the St. Louis Star Ball.


In 2008, after 10 years in the business, Rachel was offered the opportunity to manage a new studio in Cleburne Texas.  Since Luke and the children were already part of Cleburne community theatre, Rachel saw working in Cleburne as a wonderful chance to be closer to them.  After 2 years as manager, Rachel was offered the opportunity to buy the business.  Rachel and Luke had become so attached to the students and to the Cleburne community that they were thrilled to become studio owners.  After a year in business, the name was changed and Dance Across Cleburne was born.

Rachel & Luke Hunt
Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson

Mike Hudson started dancing when he was just a teenager.  After a full career in the Navy, living all over the world, and gathering countless fascinating stories, he’s come full circle.  Mike has always loved working with people and moving to music.

 After retiring from the Navy, focusing on dancing was finally a priority.  After studying dance as student for 7 years, Mike decided it was time to turn pro.  He enrolled in our Intern/Teacher Training program here at Dance Across Cleburne in 2014.

But teaching is hardly new to Mike.  He’s been a professional Motorcycle Safety Instructor for over 30 years.  His natural patience and years of experience really show in his lessons.  All of his students love his relaxed style and interesting stories.  He specializes in teaching beginning and intermediate level social dancing to ladies and couples.  If you’re a new dancer, you’ll love having Mike as a teacher!

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