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Whether you are rhythmically challenged with two left feet, or an accomplished dancer looking to attain new heights, we offer a custom plan for each person based on their individual assesement and goals.  Although our main focus is adult singles and couples, we welcome students of all ages.  An introductory private lesson to evaluate your level is only $30!

No partner?  No problem!  Students actually learn much faster on their own, and you will learn leading or following skills to enable you to dance with anyone.  Dancing is a great way to meet new people and develop new friendships.

Whether you participate in group or private lessons, Dance Across Cleburne has a variety options to suit your needs.

Dan and Sydney's 2011 Showcase

Private lesson: Your first introductory private lesson is only $30!!  In this one-time special, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of dance, experiment with several different dances to see what you like and what you are good at, and your teacher will be able to evaluate your level.  You will be offered a range of options so that you can choose the dance lesson package that works best for you.

Private lessons are the fastest, most efficient, and easiest way to learn because your teacher is focused 100% on you.  Our teachers are trained to find your best learning style, your most comfortable pace, and to discover your hidden dance ability.  Even if you have struggled with dancing before, you will be amazed at how fun, fast, and easy it is to become the dancer you dream of at Dance Across Cleburne!

Weddings: Learn social dancing in order to feel comfortable at the reception, or have specialized choreography created to suit your personality.  Either way, give yourself plenty of time to make the dancing an easy, stress free part of the wedding.

Group classes: These are a great way to learn new moves and to practice your leading and following skills.  You'll make new friends, have a great time, and prepare to dance anywhere!

Friends and family: We are happy to create private group classes to suit your needs.  Combine the flexibility of private lessons with the affordability of group classes.  Learn what you want along side your friends or family members and arrange the whole thing to suit your schedule!  Ask about special family rates!

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