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Pay What You Can Night! Every Last Friday of the Month!

Join "Dancing for Dorks" beginner class at 7 pm and/or the Friday Night Social Dance at 8 pm for any amount you can pay, even zero! Bring your friends & family! All ages welcome.

Purchase a gift or pay for lessons in advance at our online store! 

January 2020 


MONDAY                                                             7pm Waltz for Beginners

                                                                               8pm Intermediate Foxtrot (Bronze I)


TUESDAY                                                           7pm Cha cha for Beginners

close for New Year's Eve                                        8pm Intermediate Salsa (Bronze 1)


WEDNESDAY                                                     6pm  Line Dancing for Beginners

 closed for New Year's Day                                     7pm Swing for Beginners

                                                                                7pm West Coast Swing for ECS dancers

                                                                                 8pm Using Dance Charts technique class                                              


THURSDAY                                                          7 pm Country Triple Two for Beginners

                                                                                 8 pm Intermediate Country 2 Step


FRIDAY                                                                 7 pm Dancing for "Dorks" Beginner Class

                                                                                 8-9:30pm Social Dance

February 2020 


  • 7pm Tango for Beginners
  • 8pm Intermediate Waltz (Bronze I)



  • 7pm Salsa for Beginners
  • 8pm Intermediate Cha cha (Bronze I)    




  • 6pm Line Dancing for Beginners
  • 7pm  Swing for Beginners
  • 7pmWCS for East Coast dancers
  • 8pm Technique class: Stretch & Strength                                             



  • 7pm Country 2 Step for Beginners
  • 8pm Intermediate Country Triple Two



  • 7pm Dancing for "Dorks" Beginner Class 
  • 8-9:30pm Social Dance!

Valentine's Day is Feb 14th               

Join us with or without a partner!                              



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